We have compiled a list of some of the questions we are asked most frequently. If your question isn’t answered below, please contact us by email or through our Facebook page.

Should I chill my beer?

  • This is largely down to personal preference, but we recommend that most of our beers are served at between 10-14 degrees celsius. We find that this temperature range brings out the best flavour in the beer, but everyone’s taste buds are different, so if you prefer it a little colder (or warmer), that is entirely up to you. Our lighter coloured ales do benefit from being lightly chilled, particularly on those rare sunny days.

Why is my beer cloudy?

  • All of our beers are bottle conditioned – this means that they undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle. This process creates the carbonation (bubbles) in the beer and also further develops its flavour profile. When the yeast has used up all of the remaining fermentable sugars, it will drop to the bottom of the bottle, leaving a small layer of sediment. Sometimes, if a beer is moved around a lot, or is poured quickly, this sediment can be roused up into the finished beer and give it a cloudy appearance. Don’t worry, this sediment is harmless, and is actually very nutritious, but if you want to avoid getting it in your glass, here are our top tips:
    • Store your bottles upright in a cool place away from direct sunlight
    • Stand the bottles for an hour or two after transporting them before opening
    • Ease the cap off gently, rather than popping it off – bottle-conditioning can make the final carbonation level unpredictable and you don’t want a fountain of beer when you’re looking forward to drinking it!
    • Pour in one smooth motion – you may see some sediment reaching the neck of the bottle towards the end of the pour – and leave around the last 1/4 inch in the bottle

Do you brew any low alcohol or alcohol free beers?

  • We’re glad you asked. While we don’t have any at the moment, we do have some recipes in development which we hope to be ready to release later in 2024.

Which beer would you recommend?

  • We recommend all of our beers, naturally! However, not all beer styles are to everyone’s taste. Please let us know what types of beer the person you are buying for tends to drink and we would be delighted to tailor a selection from our range to cater to their individual tastes.

Where is your brewery?

  • Our brewery is located on the northern edge of Dunfermline in the historic Kingdom of Fife
  •  We are proud to source more than 70% of our grains locally from Crafty Maltsters, near Auchtermuchty (also in Fife) – less than 20 miles from the brewery.

What does “bottle-conditioned” mean?

  • All of our beers are unfiltered live products and are bottle-conditioned – this means that they undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle. This process creates the carbonation (bubbles) in the beer and also further develops its flavour profile. This can mean that individual bottles within the same batch can develop differently depending on the ambient conditions and how long they are stored. You may find that one bottle is less “fizzy” than another, or vice versa – this is simply a quirk of live, bottle-conditioned beer.

When will my order be processed?

  • Orders are processed during our licensed hours (10am-10pm Mon – Sun).  If your order is placed outside of these hours, it will be processed during the next licensed period.  We aim to dispatch orders within 2 working days of processing, where possible. However, please be aware that the brewery only operates part time, and there may be some unavoidable delay in dispatching from time to time.  If your order is urgent, please let us know in the comments when ordering.

Where do you deliver to?

  • We can now get our beer to you anywhere in the UK.  Local orders are usually delivered direct by our brewer Pete, further afield will be sent by courier.  Our local delivery zones are KY2-KY6, KY11-KY13, FK2-FK3, FK10-FK14, EH30, EH49, EH51.