One of the newest names in the Fife craft brewing scene, SaltRock Brewing released our first beers to market in May 2021.  The ethos behind the brewery, however, was born in late 2018. 

Disillusioned by what we perceived to be a market saturated with beers which were, frankly, moving further and further away from being beer in the traditional sense, a desire was stirred to re-awaken a celebration of the malt over the hop.  We wanted to produce malt-forward beers with flavour and substance.  Two years of recipe development, finding and fitting out premises, and a global pandemic later, our first beer was launched. 

We are proud to source our base grain from Crafty Maltsters. The team grow and malt their top quality barley less than 20 miles from our brewery. We do our best to showcase the flavours and body created in our beers by this fabulous local malt.

The name SaltRock, as well as being a representation of flavour (salt) and substance (rock), is also a contraction of Saltire and Shamrock, in recognition of the founder’s heritage, having grown up in Ireland before finding a home in Scotland.

In December 2021 we entered our first competition – the SIBA Independent Beer Awards for bottled and canned beers in Scotland – and were blown away to be honoured with a Bronze award for Clocktower (Category: British Dark Beers 4.5%-6.4%) and a Gold Award for Red Wagon (Category: Premium British Bitter 4.5%-6.4%). We are incredibly proud that Red Wagon went on to represent Scotland in the same category at the national finals of the SIBA Independent Beer Awards in March 2022, bringing home the National Gold award as well.

Our porter, Louis Louis, took Silver at the 2022 Regionals in December 2022.

All our bottled beers are bottle-conditioned, meaning they undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle, naturally creating the carbonation (bubbles) in the beer.  Please be aware that this process leaves behind a small layer of sediment at the bottom of the bottle.  Our advice is to store the bottles upright, open them gently (ease the cap off rather than popping it off), and pour in one smooth motion into a pint glass, leaving the last quarter inch in the shoulder of the bottle.